Cotton Ferox - Red Light Glow

Late night, downtown Perver City. Hard rain on dirt black pavements. Multicoloured mirages treading dangerous paths on high heels. Blurred black vehicles passing by like ghosts, each with a different thumping muffled beat. Red Light, Red Alert.

Lost souls, grasping for a better future. Doomed to disappiontment, doomed to bitter death. Hope is the last to leave. Hope of what? A non-insinuating smile of genuine understanding? Yellow naked teeth actually meaning well? Or that hot cup of coffee in the frozen dead of night?

Lingering middle aged lolitas. Tragic emotional timewarps, destined to daily revelations in front of broken mirrros and stained back yard windows. Not as young as you used to be, but still at it. Unwillingly insensitive to inflation...

Bedroom philosophers, immaculately polished, slumming in neutral cars. Quoting ”Pretty little mouth, all fresh and nice tasting”, while shoving something in there. Staining daddy’s back seat.

The whole spectrum of cocaine joined together in pain, while Buddy drives through the night, to some desolate area where noone will hear her scream. And where noone will care anyway.

When you’re down and out, destitute, prostitute, crack rock bottom, the only way you can go is nowhere.

Avoiding the ghosts on the corners, offering what they can unsuccessfully, not even caring if anyone potential can hear what they say. Eyeing that amorous amazon instead. Cheap fur meshes with the cheap hairdo. Unreal boots. An apparition of inverted human progress.

The danger that doesn’t lie in the disease but in the experience itself... Go for it.

Decadence, I guess, is when the victimiser degrades himself to the level of the victimised. But does that also apply the other way around? For a brief moment the structure seems to be shaking. For a brief moment, anyone can be anyone. For just that brief moment you forget destiny’s cruel chain of command.

Nothing ever changes. That’s what hurts the most.

We do things we don’t want because we want to. It’s easier to be somewhat happy when you realise how irrevocably unhappy you are.

Despair certainly comes cheap these days.

And... What would You do with her?