September 20th, 2008: Intermediale festival, Legnica, Poland

September 7th, 2008: Club Caryca, Krakow, Poland

September 6th, 2008: Plan B, Warsawa, Poland

September 5th, 2008: Laznia, Gdansk, Poland

September 1st, 2008: Debaser Franska Bukten, Stockholm

May 22nd, 2007: Club Place, St Petersburg, Russia

May 19th, 2007: State Museum of Modern Art, Yaroslavl, Russia

May 18th, 2007: DOM, Moscow, Russia

December 5th, 2003: October Gallery, London. Together with Amal Gamal Ensemble, Current 93, Dieter Müh featuring Lon Milo DuQuette.

April 13th, 2003: LAB, Copenhagen. CF featuring Solson.

April 12th, 2003: Inkonst/Moriskan, Malmö. CF featuring Solson, together with Coph Nia, Ganzer and others.

December 5th, 2002: 291 Gallery, London. CF featuring Krister Linder, together with Penny Rimbaud, Steven Johnson Leyba & Monique Lorraine Everhart, Karl Blake, Dieter Müh, and Fetish 23.

June, 2002: Club Theleme, Sjöbo. Tibert solo with Krister Linder as Cotton Ferox.

March 27th, 2002: Fylkingen, Stockholm. Abrahamsson solo as COTROX, mixed by John Duncan.

March 9th, 2002: Fylkingen, Stockholm. "Support John Duncan Evening", together with CM von Hausswolff, Vibradisc, Guds Söner, and John Duncan.

November 17th, 2001: Fylkingen, Stockholm. Together with Dieter Muh, Vibrdsic and Segerhuva.