Cotton Ferox - Escapism (Portuguese anthology version)

If I could travel anywhere
I would travel everywhere
One endless trip
With occasional stops
To assemble the documentation
Escapism is just another word
For the Eternal Return

The Eternal Return
To my own Locus Solus
My mind’s settling down
To its own given balance

There is also destiny
A given point and given time
Masters, gods and pupeteers
Invisible timelords

I am a mere chroniclerk
But, as such, a free man
Free to return once more
To wherever I choose

Leaving spiritual footprints
Behind and in front
Of the time I’m in
And will be once again

There is also destiny
A frame of reference
A frame of an image
That has yet to be created
Yet to be interpreted
Yet to be torn apart
To be fully integrated

Art and spirit
Fodder for the soul’s revelation
Revealing one’s own strengths
And others’ weaknesses

Stand fast in the
Quagmire of opinions
A branch to grasp for
Only grows from the hearts
Of the very real imaginists
Those with integrated
Psychogeometrical designs
That are theirs and theirs alone

Only time will tell
Only history will judge
All footprints are eventually erased
From babies’ minds

All one has to do
And actually can do
Is start over
Solvitur Ambulando

Make me see what you do
Make me do what you see
A particular vision
Containing no regrets
Ultimatums, promises or fulfilments

It really is playback time
And we all share the same
Cerebral membrane
Sensitive to influence

If I could travel anywhere
I would travel everywhere
Assume power focus
Fade to indifference
Let go
Let go